Just What the Doctor Ordered

The Ultimate Scrotal Support Developed by a Physician

Finally, Scrotal Support That Really Works

Transfers stress and strain from the waist and Scrotal area to the Shoulders where an enormous bulk of Musculature is found

The result is Wonderful Scrotal Support which adds comfort and convenience for the user.

Whether your problem is due to surgery or a severe medical condition, or even a sports injury, the QNS could be just what the doctor ordered.

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I am grateful to Doctor Quinn for coming up with this idea. While I was still in the hospital Doctor Quinn promised that he would figure out a way to help me and he did.       Tennessee

I am very pleased to have this garment from Dr. Quinn. Before using this garment I had a hard time walking across the room. Now, thanks to Dr. Quinn I can walk down the hill to K-Mart and shop.       Tennessee.

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The Developer

  Dr. Donald R. Quinn MD MBA SFHM developed the QNS Scrotal Support System, for one of his   patients.  The success of the idea and the overwhelming affect it had on everyone who has used it has led Dr. Quinn to share it with the rest of the men who will benefit from it. Dr Quinn, who is an entrepreneur with various degrees including Biomedical Engineering, Biology,  Information Technology, Business, and of course Medicine, is also  a Professor of Hospital Medicine, and enjoys teaching.  


Lets Find Your Size

Step 1

First measure the Scrotum from one side  the other beginning in the crease between leg and scrotum 

Step 2

Measure the area at the top of the Scrotum from just below the Penis around the Scrotum to the rectum

Regular Size QNS

The size of the Scrotum can be easy compared to fruit to obtain the correct garment size

Regular:  Fits up to 8 inches X 10 inches (Orange Size)

Large Size QNS

Large: Fits up to 12 inches  X  14 inches (Grapefruit Size)


Extra Large Size QNS

Extra Large: Fits up to 16 inches X 18 inches (Cantaloupe Size)

The Larger sizes increase in length and width by one inch per size to the maximum of 10XL which is 22 inches by 27 inches

Larger Sizes

The straps have adjusters to lengthen and shorten the straps for a more comfortable fit


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